Classroom Procedures Contract

 Important Information for Ms. Odgers’ Math Class 

Welcome back to another great year of learning.  Please refer to the following information so that we can work together to ensure that you are successful in 6th and 7th grade math!!


1.       Each student should bring in his/her student PLANNER book,      
          TEXTBOOK, 1 inch math BINDER with notebook paper and a PENCIL
          to class every day. (**index cards needed)

2.      Math binder should be separated into 5 sections using TAB DIVIDERS:

·        Do Nows / Warm Ups

·        Homework

·        Notes (including class work)/ Vocabulary

·        Reference Sheets

·        Miscellaneous (extra paper etc.)

3.       Math binders should be neat and organized. Students who come to class
          unprepared will lose points earned for Math Department Class
          Participation grade.


1.      Students who are absent are responsible for obtaining homework
         assignments the first day they return to school.  Assignments must be
         complete and turned in to receive credit.

2.      ALL MISSED ASSESSMENTS (Tests/Quizzes) must be made up within 1
         week during core enrichment, lunch period or after school (parent​
         permission required).


1.      Students who are repeatedly late to class (after 3 warnings) or disrupt the
         learning environment in class will result in:

        1. Parent Phone call
        2. Teacher lunch detention 
        3. Office Discipline Referral  

1.      Red tickets (completed homework assignments /reward for excellent work)
         turned in for choice in the prize basket or snack coupon (15tickets).

2.      “Student of the Marking Period” (certificate and reward for student
         in each grade demonstrating academic improvement or consistent excellent performance)


·        Homework and Class Participation 10% each

·        Minor Assessments (Quizzes) 30%

·        Major Assessments (Tests or Projects) 50%


Homework Policy

·        Homework assignments are written on the board daily. Students are
          responsible for writing the assignments in their student planner book.

·        Homework will also be posted on my website weekly 
         ( teacher websites)

·        Homework will be given every night, Monday through Thursday, and
         sometimes on Friday if necessary.   

·        Students must attempt each question assigned and SHOW THEIR WORK
         on a separate piece of paper for 100% credit on a completed
         assignment. ALL WORK must be shown to demonstrate understanding.

·        Students earn 100%complete with work, 75% incomplete or not on
         separate paper, 50% answers only- no work shown, 0% missing

·        Homework should be completed in PENCIL and will be reviewed the
         following day.

·        Any student who gets less than 75% of the assigned homework problems
 when self-checking is encouraged to request extra help from the
 (during core enrichment or lunch period). Extra math assistance is
         also available after school on Mondays with permission slip.

·        Long term assignments, such as projects, may be given during a marking period
         (please advise me if any problems occur prior to the due date).



·        Benchmark Tests (cold assessments) will be administered in the fall and
         spring. These are unannounced and are used for planning purposes by the
         teacher and the curriculum department.

·        Midterm Exams and Final Exams will be administered. These are announced
         and used to evaluate student performance and placement.

Questions:  Please feel free to call me at the school (609)698-5880 or e-mail me


In order to promote your child’s success in Math class this year, it is important for us to work as a team.  Your support and cooperation will benefit your child’s experience in my class.  Please discuss these class procedures and sign below to acknowledge your understanding of our mutual goal and recognition of all classroom rules and policies.

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