Social Probation Policy

Social Probation/Restorative Point System 

In an effort to deter disciplinary infractions and encourage students to take responsibility for their actions, a Social Probation program will be instituted. This program will directly tie disciplinary infractions to school privileges while establishing a system for providing students with assistance in making better decisions.

This system will be point based according to the following guidelines: 

Warning/Lunch Detention = 1 point
Bus Suspension = 1 point/day
Central Detention                   = 2 points
Extended Detention               = 3 points
 In-School Suspension = 4 points 
Out of School Suspension     = 5 points/day

Points will be accrued for each assigned disciplinary measure, which will result in the following:

Progression of Point System

10 points- A letter will be sent home notifying the student’s parents of the repeated violations.

20 points - A conference with the student and parents will be required.

30 points - An Intervention & Referral Services referral will be made.

38 points – The student will be put on co-curricular restriction and be prohibited from other school privileges (e.g., in-school field trips, out of school field trips, dances, etc.).

Social Probation Appeals

A student who has accrued 38 points can appeal the co-curricular restriction 45 days after the student’s last infraction by writing a letter to the Vice Principal. If the appeal is granted, the student’s point total will be reduced to 35.

Point Rollover

If a 6th or 7th grade student receives 5 or more points during the 4th marking period, those points will transfer over to the following school year.

At the end of the 1st marking period, a student’s rollover points will be eliminated if no other points are accrued.

Restorative Measures

Community Service

If a student wishes to limit the number of disciplinary points obtained, he/she will need to refrain from inappropriate behavior. A student may decrease their overall point total by discussing options with the Vice Principal. The follow procedure will be implemented to support students who are approved for lowering their point totals.
Student must refrain from inappropriate behavior and not receive any additional referrals/detentions/suspensions.
Student will (submit/email) a written request to participate in a restoration program to the vice principal.
Student will meet with the vice principal to develop a restorative plan.
Vice Principal will contact the student’s parents and review the plan that has been proposed (parental consent is needed).
Vice Principal will notify the student and any participating staff members with a time schedule to support restorative measures.
Vice Principal will monitor the student’s participation and restore the agreed point value deductions from the student’s disciplinary record.
Vice Principal/Staff will monitor and support the student in making sound behavioral decisions.

Point Elimination

Students who have accumulated points may appeal to have points erased from their total. A point deduction may be granted after a two-month period where the student does not have any disciplinary issues or additional points. Students will submit the request, in writing, to the Vice Principal. Two points may be deducted from the accumulated amount for each month a student exhibits appropriate behavior.

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