Title of Course: Art
Instructor: Patricia Brewer
Classroom: 406
Course Description:

A complete art program allows every student to increase positive attitudes towards self, others, and the environment through creative experiences. I think that an education in the arts stimulates the imagination, develops self-esteem and encourages openness towards the opinions of others. Art offers opportunities to students that are not available through other subjects alone.

Students do not have to be the next Picasso to be successful in art. Every student is expected to perform to the best of his or her ability.

Sixth, seventh, and eight grade students will acquire knowledge and skills that increase aesthetic awareness in the visual arts. All students will demonstrate the process of self-critique while gaining an appreciation of the fine arts. Each grade level will explore the visual arts through a variety of media such as paint, pastels, and pencil.

Grading/Homework Policy:
Major Assessment   50%
Minor Assessment   15%
Class Participation  25%
Homework               10% 
Your child will be responsible for completing projects with effort. Grading is not just on the final product. Students are always graded on effort and craftsmanship (handing in a neat and complete project-following all directions). Each project is a major assessment.
Minor Assessments could be anything ranging from an art critique, do now to a small quiz. 
Students will also begin the marking period with a 100% participation grade. It is up to them to maintain that average by following all classroom rules and working throughout the entire period.. Any day students do not remain on task or are not following classroom procedures, points will be deducted accordingly.  
Class Contract will be handed to students at the beginning of the marking period to be signed by their Parent or Guardian as well as themselves and returned for a grade. A contact email and phone number should also be supplied. 
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