9/11: vocab definitions for chapter 10 key terms page 281-303

9/21:  Quiz on Lab Equipment and safety
9/22:  Quiz on Key Terms (Motion & Momentum)

Students should be studying terms and notes throughout the week. 

9/28:  Students should review formulas; practice using the formulas for speed, acceleration, average speed, momentum.  Practice worksheet completed in class today.  SHOW ALL WORK to be able to use as a reference for future assignments. 

10/2:  New Science Vocabulary terms (Chapter 11):  Students should define new terms on flashcards and study each night.  All key terms can be found in the textbook pages 310-328.

10/10: Students should explain the 3 Laws of Motion and provide a detailed example for each.  

10/24:  Key Terms:  ENERGY Students will define the terms for Chapter 13 on flashcards and should study them each night.  

11/2:  Study for vocab quiz 

11/13:  Key terms WORK & POWER: Chapter 14 on flashcards; review each night.

11/14:  Work and Power worksheet practice problems #1-3.

11/27: Waves Key Terms (students should make flashcards and study each night)

12/4:  Waves Virtual Lab; complete journal questions

Week of 12/4:  study key terms for Waves to be prepared for vocabulary quiz on Friday.

12/5:  Waves: Wave Velocity word problems #1-5.

January 8th week:  complete Light Packet and be prepared for assessment Friday.

1/16-week:  Study for Chapter 19 test on Light, Mirrors, and Lenses; chapter review worksheet

1/24:  Matter outline; study key terms to prepare for quiz
Week of January 29th:  study vocabulary key terms for quiz (Friday); work on Matter Project which is due Feb. 16th for a major assessment grade. 

1/30: Period 4: complete outline on matter sections 2,3.  In addition to studying for vocabulary quiz and working on science project due Feb. 16th. 

Feb 5;  define key terms for Properties of Matter (chapter 5); complete chart on physical and chemical properties and physical and chemical changes. 

Week of: Feb 20 - 23rd:  Students will be completing the unit on Matter.  Continue to work on note taking outline, study worksheets on physical and chemical properties.  chapter 5 worksheets should be completed in class each day.  Study key terms each day.  All work will be graded. Please send Mrs. Buccella an email with any questions or concerns. 

March 5:  Key terms Chapter 3:  
  1. Isotopes
  2. Atomic mass
  3. Metals
  4. Element
  5. Matter
  6. Nucleus
  7. Mass number
  8. Law of conservation of matter
  9. Metalliods
  10. Electrons
  11. Atomic number
  12. Proton
  13. Compound
  14. Substance
  15. Atom
  16. Neutron
  17. Mixture
  18. Nonmetals


3/8:  Element, Compound & Mixture Poster Due Monday, 3/12

3/12:  Study for Vocabulary quiz

3/20:  (period 1): Review periodic table for a minor assessment;

 Week of:  3/20:  Using the link provided fill in the outline distributed in class; watch the video clips on each element and answer the question that follow each video.  Write your answers on the back of your note taking outline .


3/26:  Periodic table worksheets

4/17:  Bonding basics worksheets

4/23:  Ionic and Covalent bonding practice worksheets