9/12:  Review and sign course syllabus

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9/25:  Complete outline on Physical and Chemical Weathering worked on in class.  

Oct 8:  Review Claim, Evidence, Reasoning

Oct. 16th:  
Fossil data analysis questions

Virtual Lab: Fossil Data QUESTIONS: 1. What does the principle of superposition state? 2. Which dig site(s) data supports the principle of superposition? Explain. 3. How can you explain the fact that at Dig site 3 there is an older rock layer above a younger rock layer? 4. What is the difference between relative dating and absolute dating? 5. Why could you use radiometric dating to date the igneous rock layers, but not the sedimentary rock layers?

10/23:  Key Terms Relative Dating:  Relative Dating; superposition; fossil; geologic column; tilting; folding; folding; faults; intrusions

10/29:  Key Terms Absolute Dating:  pg. 107-

10/30:  Half-Life worksheet 

11/12:  Define key terms  pages 137-188.

cleavage, hardness, igneous rock, luster, metallic mineral, metamorphic rock, mineral, nonmetallic mineral, rock, rocky cycle, sediment, sedimentary rock, streak