9/11: vocab definitions for chapter 10 key terms page 281-303

9/21:  Quiz on Lab Equipment and safety
9/22:  Quiz on Key Terms (Motion & Momentum)

Students should be studying terms and notes throughout the week. 

9/28:  Students should review formulas; practice using the formulas for speed, acceleration, average speed, momentum.  Practice worksheet completed in class today.  SHOW ALL WORK to be able to use as a reference for future assignments. 

10/2:  New Science Vocabulary terms (Chapter 11):  Students should define new terms on flashcards and study each night.  All key terms can be found in the textbook pages 310-328.

10/10: Students should explain the 3 Laws of Motion and provide a detailed example for each.  

10/24:  Key Terms:  ENERGY Students will define the terms for Chapter 13 on flashcards and should study them each night.  

11/2:  Study for vocab quiz 

11/13:  Key terms WORK & POWER: Chapter 14 on flashcards; review each night.

11/14:  Work and Power worksheet practice problems #1-3.

11/27: Waves Key Terms (students should make flashcards and study each night)

12/4:  Waves Virtual Lab; complete journal questions

Week of 12/4:  study key terms for Waves to be prepared for vocabulary quiz on Friday.

12/5:  Waves: Wave Velocity word problems #1-5.

January 8th week:  complete Light Packet and be prepared for assessment Friday.

1/16-week:  Study for Chapter 19 test on Light, Mirrors, and Lenses; chapter review worksheet