HW Assignments
HW Assigned Week of 6/4

Monday- Work on project. Due in 1 week.  Do Now notebook due Thurs (minor grade)
Tuesday- Work on project. Notebook due Thursday
Wednesday- Work on project.  Notebook due Thursday
Thursday-  Work on project- due Monday
Friday- Work on project.  Due Monday. Presentations begin next class
Hw Assigned Week of 5/28

Monday-  Off-. Happy Memorial Day
Tuesday-  Atmosphere Quiz Fri- Study.  Work on project
Wednesday-  Atmosphere Quiz Fri- Study.  Work on project
Thursday-  Atmosphere Quiz Fri- Study.  Work on project. EARLY DISMISSAL.
Friday-  Have a nice weekend.  Work on project 

HW Assigned Week of 5/21

Mon-  Project assigned.  Due 6/11. Oceanography quiz Friday 5/25
Tues- Rubber Duck Packet due Thurs (back).  Ocean quiz Friday. project 6/11
Wed- Rubber Duck Packet due Thurs (back).  Ocean quiz Friday. project 6/11
Thurs- STUDY- quiz tomorrow.  Work on Project.
Fri- Work on Project. Due 6/11

HW Assigned Week of 5/14

Mon- Wed-  PARCC testing.  No Science class.  Turn in LATE MAPPING THE SEA FLOOR LABS ASAP
Thurs- What is a Wave HW Packet
Fri- None
HW Assigned Week of 5/7

We are working on an in-class MAJOR LAB ASSESSMENT all this week.  Procedures will be completed in class, but some questions at home (test grade)

Monday- Work on pre-lab questions.  20 minutes given in class on Tuesday to complete
Tuesday-  Finish pre-lab questions if you did not do so last night
Wednesday-  Assessment (end) questions 4-6. Complete sentences
Thursday- Complete lab if needed (ab/ extra time)
Friday- None!  Good luck on PARCC next M-W!

Hw Assigned Week of 4/30

Monday- Study! Water 2 day test T/W
Tuesday- Continue to study.  Test completion Wednesday
Wednesday-  Read pages 54-62.  Complete WS
Thursday- TBD

HW Assigned Week of 4/23

Monday- Complete Earth assignment.  Minor grade. Must be colored.
Tuesday- Water Usage WS.  
Wednesday-  Work on Study guide. Due Friday.  Test next T/W 4/30-5/1- Water
Thursday- Complete study guide if needed
Friday- Study for Test next Tuesday
HW Assigned Week of 4/16
Monday-  Complete Incredible Journey.  6 sentences minimum.  1st minor assessment of 4th MP.  Due Tues.  QUIZ Wed on Water- study
Tuesday-  Read pg 16-24 in new text. Complete WS.  Study for tomorrow's quiz
Wednesday-  Groundwater WS.  Both sides
Thursday-  Complete lab questions if needed.  Due tomorrow
Friday-  Complete Earth Day assignment if needed.  Due TUESDAY (no weekend HW)

HW Assigned Week of 4/9
Monday- Organize Do Now notebook.  Collecting Wed.  Minor grade.  Must have Date, questions and answers
Tuesday-  Complete water lab questions if needed.  Do Now notebook due tomorrow
Wednesday- None
Thursday- None
Friday-  Journey Essay due Tuesday- 1st grade of 4th MP
HW Assigned Week of 3/26
Monday-  Study.  Unit 2 Test tomorrow (day 1 of 2).  Review study guide, notes, and Unit 2 in textbook
Tuesday-  Continue to study-  test continued on Wednesday
Wednesday-  No HW
Thursday- Have a nice break!
Friday-  Off
HW Assigned Week of 3/19
Monday- Off
Tuesday- Late/ absent Thermos Projects.  Test next Tuesday-  Energy Unit 2.  
Wednesday-  SNOW DAY
Thursday- SNOW DAY
Friday-  Work on study guide-  Test Tuesday 3/27
HW Assigned Week of 3/12

WORK ON THERMOS PROJECT-  only HW this week.

Name _____________________________ Project Assigned:_____________________________

Project Due: _________________________________

Thermos Design Project

In this unit we will explore thermal energy, as well as conductors and insulators.  You will complete an outside of class project to design, draw, and construct a thermos with the ability to maintain a desired temperature, in addition to answering analysis questions and writing a CER style advertisement. A thermos is a container that keeps a drink or other fluid hot or cold by means of a double wall enclosing a vacuum.  

For your project, please see the breakdown of grading below to make sure all requirements are met.  You will not have any other homework during this time (other lab completion), so please be sure to use your time wisely.

Project Requirements

Design/ Construction (25 points):   

  • Use 4-6 materials to BUILD A THERMOS that will maintain a desired temperature.  Examples include (but are not limited to): plastic cup, styrofoam cup, aluminum foil, cotton, bubble wrap, tape, rubber bands, cardboard, paper plates, napkins, packing peanuts, etc. Please see your teacher if you have questions about your material selection.

  • Items that MAY NOT be used in construction: a thermos, materials only accessible to research laboratory personal, or a lid of any type.  The top of the thermos must be open.

  • Thermos must be labeled with your first and last name, and period.

Drawing (25 points):

  • (5) Cross Section showing the different layers (seeing through the thermos)

  • (5) Above view of the Thermos

  • (5) Side view of the Thermos

  • (2) Completed on standard  12 x 18 in (oaktag sized) paper or smaller

  • (2) Colored

  • (2) Title, name, period

  • (2) List of materials used (4-6) used

  • (2) Neatness

Analysis Questions (25 points):

  • Complete the following list of analysis questions regarding insulators, conductors, thermal energy and your thermos design.  You may begin researching thermal energy, insulators and conductors immediately. We will be exploring this content next week in Unit 2, Lesson 3. Answers must be handwritten in complete sentences and in pen.   (5 questions, 5 points each)


CRE Advertisement (25 points):

  • You will write a claim, provide reasoning  and evidence to support why your thermos design is among the best in the class.  You also must come up with a slogan for your thermos. Writing portion must include at least a  one sentence claim, 4-6 reasons for choosing your materials , and 4-6 pieces of evidence for each material chosen.  (Ex:  I chose to use fiberglass in my design because is a great insulator (R).  Fiberglass is used to insulate houses (E)).  For each reason you MUST also provide one piece of evidence.  Your “advertisement” must be handwritten in pen in paragraph form.  

  • (5) Claim

  • (5) Reasoning

  • (5) Evidence

  • (2) Name, Period, Title

  • (2) Paragraph form

  • (2) Neatness/ Pen

  • (2) Grammar/ Spelling

  • (2) Slogan for advertisement

5 points will be deducted for each school day late from your earned grade.

Any questions, please see your teacher ASAP, not the day before the project is due.

Good luck!  

Name ____________________________________Thermos Design Project: Analysis Questions

Answer the following 5 questions in pen, in complete sentences.  5 points per question.

1. What is an insulator?  What are examples of good insulators?

2. What is  a conductor?  What are examples of good conductors?

3. Is it more important to have insulators or conductors in the construction of your thermos?  Defend your response.


4.  Identify the insulators and conductors in your thermos.  Justify your use of each item in the design.

5. If you had unlimited resources for designing your thermos, what would you have changed and why?  You must include at least one improvement on the current design.

Thermos Project due 3/20 (Tuesday) 

HW Assigned 3/5

Monday- None
Tuesday- Energy WS.  Quiz Friday: Energy & Temperature Vocab
Wednesday- Temperature HW WS
Thursday- Study for quiz
Friday-  Begin working on project- due 3/20
HW Assigned Week of   2/26

Monday-  Study for Tomorrow's test
Tuesday- Continue to study for 2 day test
Wednesday-  What is Energy Packet
Thursday- TBA
Friday- None.  Have a nice weekend
HW Assigned Week of 2/19

Monday-  NO SCHOOL
Tuesday-  STUDY GUIDE DUE FRIDAY.  Complete lab from class if needed. Due tomorrow
                  Tues- WED, 2/27- 2/28
HW Assigned Week of 2/12

Monday-  Mixture Packet
Tuesday-  None
Wednesday- Complete lab questions 
Friday- TBA
HW Assigned Week of 2/5

Mon- Longest Word
Tues- Work on Movie Review- due thurs. Minor grade
Wed- Work on Movie Review- due thurs. Minor grade
Thurs- Complete chart of Bonding Basics lab
Fri- Complete bonding basics lab if needed. Due Mon

 HW Assigned Week of 1/29

Monday- Work on project- due THURSDAY
Tuesday- Work on project- due THURSDAY
Wednesday- Work on project- due TOMORROW-  TEST GRADE!
Thursday-  None/ late/absent projects
Friday- None/ late/absent projects
HW Assigned Week of  1/22

Monday- Complete CER (all classes except Period 4- Per 4: no HW)
Tuesday- Complete Atom WS if needed.  Period 4:  CER
Wednesday-  Begin to research element.  Project due NEXT Thursday- test grade.
Thursday- Work on project.
Friday- Work on Project

HW Assigned Week of 1/16

Monday- OFF- MLK Jr Day
Tuesday- Matter Made of HW WS
Wednesday- Atoms Mini HW WS (both sides)
Thursday- TBA
Friday- None: Have a nice weekend
HW Assigned Week of 1/8
Monday- Density Problem WS (8 problems).  Quiz FRIDAY on Matter-  Lessons 1, 2, 5 in new textbook.  We will be doing notes on this this week as well to study. 
Tuesday-  Complete lab questions at home if needed.  MAJOR grade.  Due Wed when entering.  READ pages 6-16 in new textbook.
Wednesday-  Practice Solids, Liquids, Gases WS.  Quiz Friday- study! 
Thursday- Rd 22-28 in textbook.  Complete Qs on Pg 33.  QUIZ TOMORROW- Study! 
Friday-  Have a nice weekend
HW Assigned Week of 1/2 
Tuesday-  Signed grade trackers
Wednesday-  Density Problems
Thursday-  TBD
Friday- TBD

HW Assigned Week of 12/18: TEST DATE IS NOW 12/19-12/20 (T/W)
Monday:  STUDY! Sun-Earth-Moon, Planets test T/W
Tuesday:  Continue to study- test completion tomorrow
Wednesday: None
Thursday: Signed grade trackers if needed (Per 1,2,3,4)
Friday:  Have a wonderful break./  Merry Christmas- see you in 2018!
HW Assigned Week of 12/11
Monday- Per 2,3,4 Phases Packet.  No HW Per 1, 8, 9
Tuesday- Tides Packet
Wednesday- Lunar Eclipse Packet
Thursday- Solar Eclipse Packet
Friday-  STUDY FOR TEST:  Wed/ Thurs 12/20-12/21:  Phases, Planets, Gravity.  Study guide coming on Monday

 Hw Assigned Week of 12/4
Monday- Lesson 15 Moon HW WS
Tuesday- Complete Moon Scale Lab questions
Wednesday- Gravity/ Weight HW WS
Thursday-   Complete Moon Webquest if not finished in class.
Friday- Have a nice weekend :).  HW Assigned for Period 2,3,4 due Tuesday due to band concert 

Week of 11/27-  Early Dismissal Week- Parent Teacher Conferences.  Report Cards Available online

Monday-  QUIZ FRIDAY: Sun, Planets, Objects in SS.  Comet packet due Wed.
Tuesday-  Complete Comet packet received yesterday,  Quiz Friday
Wednesday-  Comet/ Asteroid Brain Pop questions.  Quiz Friday
Thursday-  Study for Quiz tomorrow
Friday-  Have a nice weekend

Week of 11/20

Monday-  Inner Planets HW WS.  IF given 1st MP grade, you may empty binder EXCEPT for Grade Tracker (neon) and Class Info (neon), new sun info (HW/ notes) and planet info
Tuesday- Planet Riddle HW WS
Wednesday-  Have a wonderful break.  Gobble gobble.  Next week= Parent-Teacher Conferences (early dismissals).  We will have a Solar System/ Sun quiz Fri, 12/1 
 HW Assigned 11/13

Monday-  Periods 8 & 9: STUDY to complete Universe test tomorrow (rescheduled from last Friday- family emergency).  All students- Do Now notebooks due tomorrow for Minor Grade.  MP ends Wed, 11/15. Report cards online Wed, 11/22.
Tuesday- Signed grade tracker and Sun WS (2 sided)
Wednesday-  Sun Worksheet
Thursday- Reinforcement WS
Friday-  Have a nice weekend 

HW Assigned Week of 10/30

Monday- Complete Study Guide if needed.  Test Thursday: H-R diagram, luminosity chart, galaxies, gravity, big bang, life cycle of stars
Tuesday- Study for Test Thursday/ Friday.  Complete Chapter Review if needed
Wednesday- STUDY
Thursday- STUDY
Friday-  HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEK OFF! Absent/ make-up exams Mon/ Tues(11/13- 11/14)
HW Assigned Week of 10/23

Monday- Luminosity Packet.  QUIZ WEDNESDAY- Stars, Galaxies, Universe.  Study notes in binder
Tuesday-  Star Packet.  QUIZ TOMORROW (Stars, Galaxies, Universe)
Wednesday- Galaxy WS
Thursday- Read pg 62-72 in text.  Complete all questions on Pg 73. Due Friday
Friday- Complete late labs if needed
HW Assigned Week of 10/16
Monday-  Complete Expanding Universe lab from last week if needed.  Complete classwork Star Packet (2 pages, front back) if needed
Tuesday- Constellation HW WS (both sides)
Wednesday-  Constellation in class project due FRIDAY
HW Assigned Week of 10/10
Mon- Off
Tues-  Galaxy WS (front and back)
Wed-  Complete Webquest at home if needed (minor grade on correctness)
Thurs- Signed grade sheet if below 70
Friday- Late signed grade sheets.  Complete expanding universe lab- due Tuesday 

HW Assigned Week of 10/2
Mon HW:  Period 4 only-  Complete colored bar graph for Paper Towel Experiment.  20 pts of test grade.  Due tomorrow.  All other classes, no HW

Tues HW:  What do you know about Space? WS (All classes except Period 4).  Period 4-  no HW

Wed HW: 
Period 1,2,3,8,9: Read pg 4-12 in textbook (Module G online).  Complete all questions on Pg 13.  Either tear out page from workbook, print from online or write questions and answers on notebook paper-  ALL QUESTIONS
Period 4:  What You Know WS 
Thurs HW: TBA

HW Assigned Week of 9/25
Mon HW-  Measurement WS (both sides)
Tues HW-  Bar Graph-  Height of 10 friends.  Color or pattern for bars)
Wed- Period 4-  Bar Graph of friends height.  Color.  All other periods, none.
Thurs Periods 1, 2, 3, 8, 9: Complete your Paper Towel Experiment Graph-  20 points of your first major assessment grade. No HW Per 4.
Fri- Period 4: Complete your Paper Towel Experiment Graph-  20 points of your first major assessment grade. No HW all other periods

HW Assigned Week of 9/18
Mon HW-  None :)
Tues HW-  Observation WS (2 sides)
Wed HW-  Sub packet on hurricanes-  Minor assessment grade (graded on correctness)
Thursday HW- Science Instrument WS (1 side)- use word bank on bottom)
Friday HW- TBA

HW Assigned the Week of 9/11-  
All assignments due the next day.  1st Quiz on Friday on Lab Safety, CER, Class Information- study all handouts in binder

Monday HW-  How to Read a Science Textbook WS (textbook not needed to complete)
Tuesday HW- Middle vs Elem CER- 1 claim, 5 pieces of evidence, 3 reasoning
Wednesday HW- Read/ highlight lab safety WS
Thursday HW-  Safety Slacker WS.  Study all handouts from the week for your quiz TOMORROW
Friday HW- Have an amazing weekend:) 
HW Assigned 9/7:
Complete, color and cut out mickey head.  Due tomorrow.