HW Assignments
HW Assigned Week of 1/16

Monday- OFF- MLK Jr Day
Tuesday- Matter Made of HW WS
Wednesday- Atoms Mini HW WS (both sides)
Thursday- TBA
Friday- None: Have a nice weekend
HW Assigned Week of 1/8
Monday- Density Problem WS (8 problems).  Quiz FRIDAY on Matter-  Lessons 1, 2, 5 in new textbook.  We will be doing notes on this this week as well to study. 
Tuesday-  Complete lab questions at home if needed.  MAJOR grade.  Due Wed when entering.  READ pages 6-16 in new textbook.
Wednesday-  Practice Solids, Liquids, Gases WS.  Quiz Friday- study! 
Thursday- Rd 22-28 in textbook.  Complete Qs on Pg 33.  QUIZ TOMORROW- Study! 
Friday-  Have a nice weekend
HW Assigned Week of 1/2 
Tuesday-  Signed grade trackers
Wednesday-  Density Problems
Thursday-  TBD
Friday- TBD

HW Assigned Week of 12/18: TEST DATE IS NOW 12/19-12/20 (T/W)
Monday:  STUDY! Sun-Earth-Moon, Planets test T/W
Tuesday:  Continue to study- test completion tomorrow
Wednesday: None
Thursday: Signed grade trackers if needed (Per 1,2,3,4)
Friday:  Have a wonderful break./  Merry Christmas- see you in 2018!
HW Assigned Week of 12/11
Monday- Per 2,3,4 Phases Packet.  No HW Per 1, 8, 9
Tuesday- Tides Packet
Wednesday- Lunar Eclipse Packet
Thursday- Solar Eclipse Packet
Friday-  STUDY FOR TEST:  Wed/ Thurs 12/20-12/21:  Phases, Planets, Gravity.  Study guide coming on Monday

 Hw Assigned Week of 12/4
Monday- Lesson 15 Moon HW WS
Tuesday- Complete Moon Scale Lab questions
Wednesday- Gravity/ Weight HW WS
Thursday-   Complete Moon Webquest if not finished in class.
Friday- Have a nice weekend :).  HW Assigned for Period 2,3,4 due Tuesday due to band concert 

Week of 11/27-  Early Dismissal Week- Parent Teacher Conferences.  Report Cards Available online

Monday-  QUIZ FRIDAY: Sun, Planets, Objects in SS.  Comet packet due Wed.
Tuesday-  Complete Comet packet received yesterday,  Quiz Friday
Wednesday-  Comet/ Asteroid Brain Pop questions.  Quiz Friday
Thursday-  Study for Quiz tomorrow
Friday-  Have a nice weekend

Week of 11/20

Monday-  Inner Planets HW WS.  IF given 1st MP grade, you may empty binder EXCEPT for Grade Tracker (neon) and Class Info (neon), new sun info (HW/ notes) and planet info
Tuesday- Planet Riddle HW WS
Wednesday-  Have a wonderful break.  Gobble gobble.  Next week= Parent-Teacher Conferences (early dismissals).  We will have a Solar System/ Sun quiz Fri, 12/1 
 HW Assigned 11/13

Monday-  Periods 8 & 9: STUDY to complete Universe test tomorrow (rescheduled from last Friday- family emergency).  All students- Do Now notebooks due tomorrow for Minor Grade.  MP ends Wed, 11/15. Report cards online Wed, 11/22.
Tuesday- Signed grade tracker and Sun WS (2 sided)
Wednesday-  Sun Worksheet
Thursday- Reinforcement WS
Friday-  Have a nice weekend 

HW Assigned Week of 10/30

Monday- Complete Study Guide if needed.  Test Thursday: H-R diagram, luminosity chart, galaxies, gravity, big bang, life cycle of stars
Tuesday- Study for Test Thursday/ Friday.  Complete Chapter Review if needed
Wednesday- STUDY
Thursday- STUDY
Friday-  HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEK OFF! Absent/ make-up exams Mon/ Tues(11/13- 11/14)
HW Assigned Week of 10/23

Monday- Luminosity Packet.  QUIZ WEDNESDAY- Stars, Galaxies, Universe.  Study notes in binder
Tuesday-  Star Packet.  QUIZ TOMORROW (Stars, Galaxies, Universe)
Wednesday- Galaxy WS
Thursday- Read pg 62-72 in text.  Complete all questions on Pg 73. Due Friday
Friday- Complete late labs if needed
HW Assigned Week of 10/16
Monday-  Complete Expanding Universe lab from last week if needed.  Complete classwork Star Packet (2 pages, front back) if needed
Tuesday- Constellation HW WS (both sides)
Wednesday-  Constellation in class project due FRIDAY
HW Assigned Week of 10/10
Mon- Off
Tues-  Galaxy WS (front and back)
Wed-  Complete Webquest at home if needed (minor grade on correctness)
Thurs- Signed grade sheet if below 70
Friday- Late signed grade sheets.  Complete expanding universe lab- due Tuesday 

HW Assigned Week of 10/2
Mon HW:  Period 4 only-  Complete colored bar graph for Paper Towel Experiment.  20 pts of test grade.  Due tomorrow.  All other classes, no HW

Tues HW:  What do you know about Space? WS (All classes except Period 4).  Period 4-  no HW

Wed HW: 
Period 1,2,3,8,9: Read pg 4-12 in textbook (Module G online).  Complete all questions on Pg 13.  Either tear out page from workbook, print from online or write questions and answers on notebook paper-  ALL QUESTIONS
Period 4:  What You Know WS 
Thurs HW: TBA

HW Assigned Week of 9/25
Mon HW-  Measurement WS (both sides)
Tues HW-  Bar Graph-  Height of 10 friends.  Color or pattern for bars)
Wed- Period 4-  Bar Graph of friends height.  Color.  All other periods, none.
Thurs Periods 1, 2, 3, 8, 9: Complete your Paper Towel Experiment Graph-  20 points of your first major assessment grade. No HW Per 4.
Fri- Period 4: Complete your Paper Towel Experiment Graph-  20 points of your first major assessment grade. No HW all other periods

HW Assigned Week of 9/18
Mon HW-  None :)
Tues HW-  Observation WS (2 sides)
Wed HW-  Sub packet on hurricanes-  Minor assessment grade (graded on correctness)
Thursday HW- Science Instrument WS (1 side)- use word bank on bottom)
Friday HW- TBA

HW Assigned the Week of 9/11-  
All assignments due the next day.  1st Quiz on Friday on Lab Safety, CER, Class Information- study all handouts in binder

Monday HW-  How to Read a Science Textbook WS (textbook not needed to complete)
Tuesday HW- Middle vs Elem CER- 1 claim, 5 pieces of evidence, 3 reasoning
Wednesday HW- Read/ highlight lab safety WS
Thursday HW-  Safety Slacker WS.  Study all handouts from the week for your quiz TOMORROW
Friday HW- Have an amazing weekend:) 
HW Assigned 9/7:
Complete, color and cut out mickey head.  Due tomorrow.