HW Assignments
HW Assigned Week of 1/7/2-19

Monday- Work on project (see link in week below).  Due 1/17
Tuesday- Work on project (see link in week below).  Due 1/17.  Period 9 only-  graded phases of the Moon HW WS 
Wednesday-  Work on project (see link in week below).  Due 1/17
Thursday-  Work on project (see link in week below).  Due 1/17
Friday-  Work on project- due next THURSDAY! 
Moon Brochure 2

Moon Brochure 1

HW Assigned Week of 1/2/2019

Monday-  OFF :  Happy New Year's Eve
Tuesday-  OFF: Happy new Year's Day
Wednesday-  Research the Moon info.  project due 1/17
Moon Travel Brochure Major Assessment Project.docx
Thursday- Research the Moon info.  project due 1/17
Friday- Research the Moon info- project due 1/17

HW Assigned Week of 12/17/2018

Monday-  All but Per 1: Rd 116-126 in text. Q 1-10
Tuesday-  Work on lab data questions if possible
Wednesday-  Complete drawings, questions and begin essay on lab.  Labs due at end of period tomorrow
Thursday-  Complete labs for absent/ extended time kids 
Friday-  HHave a wonderful break- Merry Christmas!

HW Assigned Week of 12/10/2018

Monday- None.  Planet and object quiz on THURSDAY
Tuesday- None (Concerts during day).  Study for Quiz
Wednesday-  Study for quiz.  Complete lab questions if needed
Thursday-  Moon HW WS
Friday- have a nice weekend

Spirit Days Next Week:
Monday- Holiday Attire
Tuesday- Twin Day
Wednesday- Hero/ Villan
Thursday- Throwback 50s- 90s
Friday- PJ fundraiser/ early dismissal

HW Assigned Week of 12/3/2018

Monday- Inner Planets WS-  Read front and complete back
Tuesday- Planet Riddle WS (both sides)
Wednesday- None
Thursday-  Complete Comet/Meteor/Asteroid Packet if needed from class.  Checked Fri
Friday- P 1,2,4,5,10None.  Have a nice weekend.  PERIOD (- Complete Brain Pop WS (not done in class) 

HW Assigned Week of 11/26
Reminder- Half Days this week.  Conferences M, W afternoon.  T, R evening.  No conferences Fri.  I am FULLY booked.  Please contact me if you'd like a phone conference, or email.  
QUIZ FRIDAY on Stars and the SUn

 Mon-  Complete Luminosity Mini Lab if needed. Due Tues

 Tues- Sun Packet WS
Wed-  NEW SUN PACKET- both pages, front and back.  does NOT have to be in complete sentences
Thurs- Study for Fri quiz
Fri-  Have a nice weekend

HW Assigned Week of 11/19
Monday-  Test corrections tomorrow
Tuesday-  None.  Report cards available online tomorrow
Wednesday-  Wash the dishes for your parents tomorrow.  Gobble gobble :)

HW Assigned Week of 11/12
Monday- Study guide due tomorrow.  Test Wed.  Study guide given out the Thursday before break.  Do Now notebook to be collected Wed.  MP over Fri

Tuesday-  Do Now notebook due tomorrow.  STUDY! Test tomorrow

Wednesday- Late Do Now notebooks

Thursday-  Complete Luminosity Pkt if needed

Friday-  None

HW Assigned Week of 10/29

Work on constellation project: 

Constellation Project

The ancient Greeks used stars as navigation tools, and as reference to help them keep track of the changing seasons.  When considering the significance of stars, it was important for the Greeks to organize them in some way. They did this by grouping the stars into patterns known as constellations.  The patterns ranged from representations of people, to animals, to objects. In some cases, myths, or stories, were created to describe the constellation.

For this project you will create your own UNIQUE constellation, and myth.  You may not use any constellation that already exists (see list). This is an individual assignment. This project will be a 100 point major assessment grade.  This project will be worked on for 4 class periods (including today), and the rest will be completed and assembled at home.  The project is due __________________________.

Your project MUST  include:

Star Chart (provided):  10 points

Requirements: Title, name, period IN PEN

Highlighted Stars

Neat (not crumbled, ripped, hole-punched)

Constellation Drawing: 25 points

Requirements:Drawing of constellation shape outside/ around stars.  

Closely resemble star layout on star chart

Neat, on computer paper


Title, name, period IN PEN

Constellation Outline/ Transparency: 25 points

Requirements: Transparency Overlay that includes 5-10 stars in same pattern as highlighted on star chart

Straight line in sharpie connecting the star stickers

Constellation transparency lays perfectly over the colored drawing

Title, Name and Period in Sharpie on transparency (provided)

Constellation Myth: 25 points

Requirements: 2 paragraph minimum, 5 sentences per paragraph.  This should:

  • Explain how constellation was created/ got into sky

  • Teach a lesson/ reason for doing something

  • Be magical/ fantasy

  • Include a “hero”/ main character (with flaws)

  • Include a setting

  • Include constellation name, your name, period

  • Must be typed and printed OR written in pen                      OVER →

Presentation: 15 points


  • The highlighted star chart, myth (pen or typed), colored drawing and

transparency OVER the drawing must be attached to poster board

  • Include: Name, Period, Constellation Name on all items

  • Neatness, Creativity, Spelling & Grammar will be assessed

  • Constellation myths and drawings will be shared with the class

Please see Mrs. Connors, Mr. Willms and/or Mrs. Breyta with any questions BEFORE the due date.  We will work 4 class periods on this (including today) and the rest must be completed at home. Projects will be presented in class.

Tuesday- Work on constellation project- due Thurs
Wednesday-  Happy Halloween (hopefully your project was finished in class/ at home).  Due tomorrow
Thursday-  Work on study guide.  Test Wed 11/14.  Study guide due 11/13

Name ______________________________ Period _________

Universe, Galaxy & Star Review Sheet

Your test will be WEDNESDAY, 11/14.  This test will be your last major assessment for the 1st marking period (MP ends 11/16).  

The test will include 5 short response questions.  Each question will be scored on a 3 point rubric. You total test score will be out of 15 points.  

Use your notes section of your binder, in addition to handouts to prepare for the test.  

This is NOT an open notes test. Reminder: tests are major assessments (50% of average).

Concepts to review:

Big Bang Theory

How Size is Measured in Space

Earth’s Place in Space (Our cosmic address)

Galaxy Shapes & The Milky Way (size/ our location/ stars/ etc.)

How astronomers use observation & inference

Textbook pages for reference:


Answer the questions below to prepare for the test.  STUDY GUIDE (this packet) due Tuesday, 11/13.

1. What does the big bang theory state? How long ago do we believe it occurred (as scientists)?  

2.  What is singularity?

3.  What are two pieces of scientific evidence for the big bang theory? (from substitute reading -- hint  Cosmic __________ __________, and Moving _____________)

4.  What is an astronomical unit?

5.  When we measure items in our ____________________________, we use astronoical units (AU).

6.  What unit do we measure planets in?

7.  What unit do we measure galaxies in?

8.  What unit do we measure beyond our galaxy in (other places in universe)?

9.  List the scale of our “cosmic address” from smallest to largest.  Begin with Earth and end with Universe.


10.  Why have we not explored more of outer space?

11.  What are the main shapes of galaxies?

12.  What is the name of our galaxy?  Shape?

13.  How many stars are in our galaxy?

14.  Where is our solar system located in our galaxy?

15.  What is an observation?

16.  What is an inference?

17.  How do we use observation and inference skills in astronomy?

Friday-  Have a nice break.  Study guide due 11/13.  Test 11/14.  MP 1 ends 11/16

HW Assigned Week of 10/22
Monday-  Complete lab questions if needed (no lab Period 4).  Begin to study for Wed quiz.
Tuesday-  STUDY: Earth's Place in Space, The Size of the Universe, The Big Bang Theory.  QUIZ TOMORROW
Wednesday-  Galaxy WS
Thursday-  TBA
Friday- TBA

HW Assigned Week of 10/15
Monday-  Color Earth's Place in Space doodle notes (optional)
Tuesday-  None
Wednesday-  Color Big Bang Notes (optional)
Thursday-  Complete reading comprehension assignment- Big Bang
Friday- Have a nice weekend


HW Assigned Week 10/8
Monday-  ALL CLASSES  EXCEPT Period 2:  Complete conclusion if not done in class.  Per 2= none

 Tuesday-  P 1, 4, 5, 9, 10:  Complete bar graph if not done in class. TEST GRADE
P 2:  Complete conclusion if not done in class

Wednesday-  P2:  Complete bar graph if not done in class
P 1,4,5,9,10: None  

Thursday-  What you know about astronomy WS

Friday-  Have a nice weekend 
HW Assigned Week of 10/1

Monday- None
Tuesday-  Bar Graph. Colored. 10 friends. Use CENTIMETERS
Wednesday- Friday- NONE- In class major lab all week

HW Assigned Week of 9/24

Monday-  None :)
Tuesday- Lab equipment WS
Wednesday- Measurement WS (two sides) due Fri Per 1, 2, 4, 5.  Due Thursday Per 9, 10 
Thursday- Measurement HW WS (two sides)  PEriods 1, 2, 4, 5
Friday- Have a great weekend! 

HW Assigned Week of 9/17
Monday-  CER: Middle School vs Elementary WS
Tuesday-  None
Wednesday-  Safety Slacker WS- 5 things wrong with picture 
Thursday- Complete Obs/ Inf WS if needed.  HW grade- due tomorrow 
Friday- Have a nice weekend

HW Assigned Week of 9/10
Monday-  Lab coat due tomorrow.  Color, cut and fill in information (HW grade)
Tuesday-  Turn in LATe lab coats tomorrow if needed
Wednesday-  QUIZ Friday on class procedures, lab safety.  Signed syllabus due FRIDAY
Thursday- QUIZ Friday on class procedures, lab safety.  Signed syllabus due TOMORROW (Friday)
Friday-  Have a wonderful weekend

HW Assigned Week of 9/7

Thursday-  Fill in, color, and cut out front of lab coat.  Due TUESDAY (HW Assignment)
Friday-  Same as above