January 22--January 26, 2017

Homework Assignments

Monday: Completing the Sentence, vocab pages 67-68 
Due Wednesday (Minor Assessment)

Tuesday: Completing the Sentence, vocab pages 67-68 
Due Wednesday (Minor Assessment)

Wednesday: Vocab page 69

Thursday: Study for Unit 5 Vocabulary Test

January 16--January 19, 2018

Homework Assignments

Tuesday: Vocabulary page 65 (#1-15)

Wednesday: Vocabulary page 66 (#16-25)

Thursday: Vocabulary page 66 (Synonyms)

Friday: Compare and Contrast Worksheet is due Monday if it was not finished today in class

January 8--January 12, 2018

Homework Assignments

Monday: Vocabulary pages 57-58 (Completing the Sentence) Due Wednesday

Tuesday: Vocabulary pages 57-58 (Completing the Sentence) Due Wednesday

Wednesday: Vocabulary page 56 (Synonyms)

Thursday: Study for Vocabulary Test Unit 4 tomorrow

January 2--January 5, 2018

Homework Assignments

Tuesday: Vocabulary page 55 (#1-15)

Wednesday: Vocabulary page 56 (#16-25)

Thursday: Vocabulary page 56 (synonyms)

December 18--December 22, 2017

Homework Assignments

Monday: Finish Signpost Packet 

Wednesday: Finish Graphic Organizer for essay

Thursday: Finish 2-paragraph essay

Friday: Have a great winter break!

December 11--December 15, 2017

Homework Assignments

Study for Units 1-3 Vocabulary Test on Friday

December 4--December 8

Homework Assignments

Monday: Periods 7/8 Formal and Informal Paragraph Assignment

Wednesday: Bring in a book for your independent reading

Thursday: Vocab pages 42-43

November 27--December 1

Homework Assignments

*Figurative Language Test Friday*

Monday: The Science of Happiness paragraphs are due tomorrow. 
If you missed the Unit 3 Vocabulary test, the makeup day is tomorrow, please study.  

Tuesday: Study for the Figurative Language test.  The test is Friday.

Wednesday: No homework

Thursday: Figurative Language Practice Worksheet. Figurative Language test tomorrow.

November 20--November 22

Homework Assignments

Monday: Unit 3 Vocabulary Test is tomorrow, Tuesday November 21.  Please study for the test.  

Wednesday: In class, students watched a video on the science of happiness.  After watching the video, they wrote about a person who is influential in their lives.  Students had the option of calling the person during class, or if they preferred, they could wait and read the letter in person.  For homework (due Tuesday, November 28, 2017), students need to have the paragraph they wrote about the person, and a paragraph explaining the person's reaction when they read it.  They should also include how it felt to read the letter.  The video can be viewed at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHv6vTKD6lg

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 13--November 17, 2017


Monday: Students had the entire class period to type their Spooky Story.  The story must be at least 3 paragraphs long.  The students were given a rubric and checklist to help guide their writing.  If the Spooky Story is not finished in class, they must finish it at home.  The story is due Wednesday, November 15. 

Homework Assignments:

Monday: Spooky Story due Wednesday

Tuesday: Spooky Story due Wednesday

Wednesday: Vocab pages 39 & 40 due Friday

Thursday: Vocab pages 39 & 40 due Friday