Course Syllabus

Brackman Middle School

Mr. Floyd

Room 412

6th Grade Math

Course Guidelines


The textbook we are using is Big Ideas Math.  This book is aligned to the Core Curriculum Standards.  The textbook can be found online at  I have included the access code and directions so your child can access the textbook online.

Teacher Communication:  Please feel free to communicate with me whenever you have a question or concern.  I check my email multiple times per day and even at night.  My email address is  My school phone number is 609-698-5880 ext. #4034

Homework:  Homework is an integral part of the course and is usually 4 nights a week.  It is relevant to the topics discussed in class and students are expected to complete the homework on the day it is assigned.  In general, you should spend 20-30 minutes each night completing your homework, studying your notes and preparing for the next class.  Homework is not accepted late.  If a student has difficulty with an assignment, it is expected that he/she will make an attempt and show work so I can see what difficulties or problems were encountered.  If a student shows effort for the assignment, credit is awarded. 

Grading for Homework:

Complete = 100      Mostly complete = 75         Half complete = 50        Not complete = 0  

Quizzes:  In order to assess one’s knowledge of the material, quizzes will be assigned periodically through the chapter.  Every chapter will have a Quiz that assesses the student’s understanding of the material.  Major quizzes will always be announced and be based out of 100 points.  I will have minor quizzes that will be count as 50 pts or less.  Those quizzes include, activities, homework quizzes or unannounced quizzes and always carry less weight then a major quiz.

Tests:  Students will have an opportunity to demonstrate their competency of the material by completing a test at the end of each chapter.  All tests are announced and students will be given at least two days notice.

Projects:  On occasion, students will work on a group project in class as an alternative assessment to gauge their understanding of the material.  Projects are assigned on the basis of its relevance to the course curriculum.

Class Attitude:  Students are expected to maintain a healthy, positive attitude at all times.  This is a positive environment and a safe space for all students free of ridicule, harassment and discrimination.  Students are expected to be prepared.  Each day, students must bring their textbook, binder or notebook, two pencils and agenda.  Students must maintain an organized notebook where all class notes and homework assignments are kept. 

Midterm/Final:  There will be a midterm which will assess the students understanding of the first half of the year.  There will be a quantitative final given at the end of the year.

Absentee Policy:  When returning from school from an absence, it is the student’s responsibility to find out what assignments they missed.  My teacher website will always have the homework listed for the week.  Homework will either be a worksheet or from the textbook.  If the homework were to change it would be updated that day.  The textbook is online, so there is no excuse for a child to not make up homework because they forgot their textbook.  Students who are absent will be given time to make up their homework depending on how many days they were absent.

Grades:  Quarterly grades are calculated as follows:

Major Assessments = 50%

Minor Assessments = 30%

Homework = 10%

Class Participation = 10%

A = 93-100

B = 85- 92

C = 75- 84

D = 70- 74

F = below 70


It is my goal to make this a wonderful and a positive year for each and everyone one of your children.