Class Syllabus

Title of Course:  Spanish
Instructor:  Mrs. Glover
Classroom:  305
After School Help Days:  Wednesday
Please give me 24 hours advanced notice if you would like to stay for extra help.
Course Description:
   6th grade: Students will cover the preliminary lessons:
           - learn the vowels                                       -  Daily Calendar & Seasons       - The difference between "You & Usted"
           - The alphabet                                             - Numbers 0-30                           - Project on Spanish Speaking Country
           - Gender of nouns                                       - The Colors                                 -Question words
           - Plural Form                                               - Basic Greetings and farewells  - The weather
   7th grade: Review 6th grade material, and learn new objectives:
            - Review gender of nouns                          - Learn the pronouns         
            - Review plural form                                  - Learn the verb To Be = Ser
            - Review Definite Article                           - Learn The Family
            - Learn the Indefinite Article                      - Project on a Spanish Holiday
   8th grade: Review 7th grade material and learn new objectives:
            -  Review gender of nouns                           - Learn the pronouns
            - Review plural form                                    - Learn the Verb to Be = SER
            - Review Definite Article                             - Learn the Verb to Be = ESTAR
            - Learn the indefinite Article                        - Learn to write a paragraph using verb SER & ESTAR
            - Project on famous latinos 

Grading/Homework Policy:           

                                                35% test/project 

                                                 30%  quiz  

                                                 35% homework                      

How to Handle Absences:  Please try to make up any work within two days after absence.
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