Pre-Algebra Homework

Pre-Algebra Homework 

Week of : 9/17 - 9/21
Monday - Lesson 10.2
                Homework: Practice 10.2 (quiz grade)
                                    Open-Ended due Friday (quiz grade)
                Video: Multiplying and the Product Rule for Integer Exponents        

*Watch first 57 seconds of video: 
Tuesday - Lesson 10.3
                 Homework: Practice 10.3 (quiz grade)
                 Video: *Watch 58 secs through 3:20 of video: Quotient Rule Dividing with Exponents 
Wednesday - Lesson 10.4
                      Homework: Practice 10.4 (quiz grade) 
                      Video: Zero Exponent Rule                

                      Video:  Negative Exponent Rule                 

                      Video: Negative to Positive Rule for Exponents

Thursday - Go over homework and review
                  Homework: None
Friday - Mid-Chapter 10 Quiz
              Homework: None