Homework- General
Sadlier Vocabulary Homework will be the same every week as follows: 
Each Unit will be on a two-week block schedule as follows:


Week 1:

Monday- Class introduction to new vocabulary terms

                  HomeworkChoosing the Right Word

Tuesday- Homework- Synonyms

Wednesday- Homework- Antonyms

Thursday- Homework-  Study Unit words for minor assessment

Friday- Class- Minor Assessment


Week 2:

Monday- HomeworkCompleting the Sentence #’s 1-10

Tuesday- HomeworkCompleting the Sentence #’s 11-20

Wednesday- HomeworkVocabulary in Context

Thursday- Homework- Study for Major Assessment

Friday- Class- Major Assessment


*Schedule may change at any time due to class interruption/holidays/testing

This course uses Google Classroom for many of its assignments.  If you are the parent/guardian of a student in this course and would like to receive regular emails via Google Classroom about your student's missing work, upcoming work, and/or other class activities, kindly contact the classroom teacher.  Thank you!