Science Supplies

8th Grade Physical Science Supplies

8th Grade Physical Science Supplies List             
due Monday 9/11/17



1. A 11/2 to 2 inch binder is required. No other subject area is allowed unless student IEP requires one binder for all subjects.  This is a daily requirement. 10 points will be deducted daily from classwork  grade if student does not bring it to class. The binder is to be divided into the following categories:


            Section 1: Classwork


            Section 2: Notes


            Section 3: Homework


2. A pen or pencil is required. Lack of a writing utensil may result in a 5-point deduction from classwork grade.


3. Textbooks will be distributed around the second week of school. They are to remain home in a safe place, and are to be used for homework assistance, studying, and/or for vocabulary review.


4. Calculators will be provided for Classroom Activities, Tests/Quizzes, and Labs requiring calculations. Homework calculations may require that a student has access to a calculator at home. Non-Scientific calculators are fine since basic math is part of the Physical Science Curriculum.


5. A Positive Attitude is a major requirement!!

It will be important to work well with others, especially for labs, and have a great time learning!!