Assignments & Homework


Study Guide:

Important Characters:

  • Moshe the Beadle
  • Madam Schachter
  • Elie Wiesel
  • Chlomo Wiesel (Father)
  • Idek
  • Franek
  • Juliek
  • Rabbi Eliahou


    Important concepts:

  • Study ALL conflict and theme notes
  • Understand evolution of Elie and his father’s relationship
  • Be able to discuss Elie’s faith and his struggle to maintain it
  • Dehumanization of the Jews


    Important events:

  • Hangings
  • Invasion of Sighet
  • Death March
  • How Hitler rose to power
  • Propaganda/anti-Semitism

Game Questions

Month of February!

We will begin our unit focusing on Community & Acceptance by reading Elie Wiesel's autobiographical account, Night. 

During this unit, we will be: 

          - Conducting an online scavenger hunt to build background knowledge 

          - Enriching learning through close reads of Non-fiction texts

          - Incorporating historical lessons (Hitler's rise to power, WWII, etc.)

          - participating in student-lead learning, where students will learn about various                                    topics (psychology, propaganda, "scientific" experiments in camps)

          - Develop skills in argumentative writing and Prose constructed responses