Free Read Assignment!

Dear 8th Grade Parents and Guardians,

This year, in addition to our analysis of whole group texts, students will be selecting novels to read independently. Studies have consistently shown that independent reading benefits student learning, not only in Language Arts, but in all subjects! Through independent reading assignments, we want to develop reading fluency and stamina, which help students develop confidence, build vocabulary, and improve writing.  

Independent reading is based on student choice, either through suggestions provided by teachers, a student’s own research, or through recommendations made by fellow students. I bring students to the school library each marking period, but you are more than welcome to expand your child’s search to the Barnegat Library or online! Please be aware, I must approve all books! By choosing a book to read, students can see that a good book is more than just an assignment!

I am sending this letter home to ask for your assistance in encouraging your child to make reading a part of their lives.  To help keep students on track, I am going to ask that parents/guardians take an active role in this assignment. You can do this in a variety of ways, such as asking your child questions, reminding your child about the importance of reading, listening to your child read, and finding supplementary information pertaining to the book. Research shows that one of the key factors in the development of lifelong readers is having a “sponsor of literacy,” a person who models effective reading habits and puts students in touch with books that may interest them. With that being said, my goal in getting YOU involved is to show each student that it is important and beneficial to read, read, read!

Throughout the course of the marking period, your child will be filling out a graphic organizer. I ask that you please sign off on your child’s progress; the specific due dates will be announced in class and posted on my website. I thank you for your anticipated assistance in nurturing your child’s willingness to read!


Happy reading,

Miss Kane