LoPiccolo, Bonnie

Greetings from America's Past! Welcome to the website of Bonnie LoPiccolo.

Email Address: blopiccolo@barnegatschools.com
Phone number: (609)698-5880 EX. 4110

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. The connection between parent/guardian and teacher is very important and special! Communication is the first step in this successful partnership. It is my hope to keep you updated on my classroom activities and homework . I look forward to an exciting year, as together we assist your child on the "journey" that is 7th grade. It will be a "MOO-VELOUS" ADVENTURE!

A Cow in a Sidecar riding with a man on a motorcycle

Quick Links:                                                     CLASS SUPPLIES

  • www.my.hrw.com                                                 * 3-Ring Binder (1 1/2 '') with paper
  • www.discoverykids.com                                    *   pen or pencil
  • www.history.com                                                *  black fine tip "sharpie-type" marker
  • www.nationalgeographic.com                            ‚Äč*  Positive Attitude and Bulldog Pride                             
  • www.studyisland.com