Study for map quiz (Fri., Ja. 26) 30 states to be labeled.
Assigned 1/22/18
Quiz Date 1 26/18

Study for map quiz RETAKE if you would to improve quiz grade of 1/12

Assigned 1/16/18
Quiz Date 1 19/18

Study for map quiz(Friday, Jan. 12). 27 states to be labeled

Assigned 1/2 /18
Quiz date 1/12/18

Study for Ch.18:1 Vocabulary Quizlet (Tuesday, Dec.12).Students should study definitions they were given. Quiz will be matching.
Assigned 12/11/17
Quiz date 12/12/17

Study for map quiz
(Friday, Dec.15). 24 states to be labeled

Assigned 12/11/17
Quiz date 12/15/17

Study for map quiz(Friday, Dec.8). 21 states to be labeled
Assigned 12/4/17
Quiz date 12/8/17

Study for Map Quiz (Friday, Nov. 13). 18 states to be labeled: ME,NH,VT,NY,MA,CT,RI,PA,NJ,WV,DE,MD,VA,NC,SC,GA,FL,AL
Assigned 11/13/17
Quiz date: 11/17/17

STUDY for map quiz (Friday, Nov. 3rd). 15 states to be labeled: ME,NH, VT, NY, MA,CT,RI,PA,NJ,WV,DE,MD,VA,NC,&SC.

Complete Newsela Article "Should we celebrate Christopher Columbus?"         (4 multiple choice and 1 short response) 
Assigned 10/10/17
Due 10/11/17

Students will have opportunity to retake map quiz on Friday, 10/ 1

Assigned 10/2
Due 10/3
Students should complete rough draft they have started in class. Topic of essay is "America's Greatest Gift To My Generation"
Study for Map Quiz
Assigned: Monday, 10/2 .Map quiz will be given Friday 10/6. Must be able to label: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Massachusetts, and  Connecticut :0)
Study for Map Quiz

Assigned: Monday, 9/25 .Map quiz will be given Friday 9/29. Must be able to label: Maine, Vermont, & New Hampshire :0)

Welcome Letter
Assigned 9/8
Due 9/15
Students were given a welcome letter which requires a parent / guardian signature. The letter outlines class requirements.

9-11 CARD
Assigned 9/12 
Due 9/18
Students will work on their 9-11 card in class. If they have not completed it by 9/14, they must complete it for HW. They are welcome to take it home at any time during the week to work on it.