Morillo, Ulises


Name: Ulises Morillo

Email Address:
Phone number: 609-698-5880 

Spanish Classroom Expectations

  1. Be on time and ready to learn! Have your Spanish notebook, folder, pen or pencil. If you are late to class 3 times the student will receive central detention.
  2. Speak Español as much as you can, and also practice during Spanish class.
  3. Locker and restroom breaks- As soon as you enter the class, ask to use the bathroom. Do not interrupt the class and your learning unless it is an emergency.
  4. Be kind and respectful to everyone, we will treat each other with respect at all times.
  5. Listen, take notes, and stay on task.
  6. We will respect the speaker when it is his or her turn

    (Teacher or classmate).

  7. We will raise our hand to participate.
  8. We will always use appropriate language.
  9. We will be prepared for class every time we meet (Notebook, pen, pencil, handouts, homework, etc.)
  10. CELL PHONE/ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT USE in case of an emergency, the office phone is available with a signed pass and with administrative approval. Cell phones may be used only after school and should be turned off during the school day. Students are not permitted to utilize cell phones in student restrooms, hallways, cafeteria, or any other location in the school during the school day. IPODS, cameras, video cameras, CD players and MP3 players are not permitted. Any personal electronic equipment used during the school day will be confiscated.The equipment will be returned to the student at the end of the school day.
  11. Students will adhere to the ROBMS handbook, and all district wide rules and procedures. Please read your handbook for more information on school policies. We will honor these policies in Spanish class.
  12. Please read the classroom rules at home with your child, and the student-teacher contract, sign it, and have them bring it to class for a homework grade.