Rollis, Lauren

Welcome to Mrs. Rollis's  Web Page for Grade 8 ILA

Name: Mrs. Lauren Rollis
Email Address:  
Phone number: 609-698-5880
I'd like to welcome parents and students to our new web page experience.  Please check back for homework updates and special links.
Common Core Standards:
Classroom Supplies:
1.) ELA Notebook (any type - 3-ring binder, spiral notebook, etc)
[notebook must have lined paper and a means of storing handouts]
2.) Pen (mandatory for formal assignments and a pencil is optional for notes)
*all novels and a textbook will be provided

                                                    Grade Weights:
On Level: 
50% Major Assessments
30% Minor Assessments 
10% HW
10% Class Participation
Level One: 
55% Major Assessments 
30% Minor Assessments
5% HW
10% Class Participation

Helpful Websites
(online homework help and tutors)
(content-specific quizzes)
(make online quizzes)
(grammar help)
‚Äč(English grammar help for ELL Learners)