Grading Polices

Grading Policy

50% Major Assignments (Tests, Projects)
30% Minor Assignments (Quizzes, Mini-Projects, Classwork) 
10% Homework
10% Class Participation (View Scoring Rubric)  

55% Major Assignments (Tests, Projects)
30% Minor Assignments (Quizzes, Mini-Projects, Classwork) 
5% Homework
10% Class Participation (View Scoring Rubric

MAJOR ASSESSMENTS   Includes tests and projects; There will be approximately 3-5 major assessments per marking period.
MINOR ASSESSMENTS   Includes quizzes, classwork, and mini-projects; There will be at least 8 minor assignments per marking period.
CLASS PARTICIPATION Includes both verbal and nonverbal engagement, preparedness, and cooperation; This will be assessed twice per marking period.
HOMEWORK/INDEPENDENT PRACTICE  Oftentimes, homework will be a continuation of a lesson in class. Homework will not be given more than three times a week. However, independent reading and studying is strongly encouraged. As per district policy, homework is assessed by the following criteria:

Completed:           100%
Attempted, most completed:            90%
Attempted, approximately half completed:       80%
Attempted, most incomplete:            70%
No attempt/not turned in:                  0%

Homework/Independent Practice is NOT accepted late. Assessment work is accepted late for 10 points off per day late, up to 3 days. If you are absent, you will be granted an extra day for each day missed to make-up assignments. Work and assessments assigned prior to your absence are due the day you return unless other arrangements are made. It is the student's responsibility to contact Mrs. Burke about absent work.