Smith, David

Mr.  Smith
609-69805800 ext 4030

Physical Education-  Grades 6th,8th

Health- Grade 7th

  • Grading/Homework Policy: 45% Tests (Major Assessments)
     35% Quizzes (Minor Assessments)
    20% HW/Class Participation/Preparedness
  •   Classroom Rules BE ON TIME! Bathroom: 1 Girl/1 Boy at a time -
  • Must sign out and take a pass Writing utensil!!!
  • Clear water bottles are ok. No flavored drinks. Mints are OK - NO GUM! 
  • Lessons Covered: General Health/Hygiene Nutrition Body Systems Alcohol & Tobacco

Grading Percentages
Physical Education


35% Skills/Tests

Physical Education Key

NWM-4 = Student did no Warm-Up.
NWME-8 = Student did no warm up and participated for half of the class activity
E-4 = Student participated for half of the class.
NE-8 = Student did not participate in class activity.
NWMNE-12 = Student did no warm up and did not participate in the class activity.
Dress-8 = Student did not dress for the class period.