Class Participation Rubric


100 - 93

The student:

  •      ensures that the class is a community of respect; 
  •      consistently arrives prepared for class;
  •      voluntarily participates on a consistent basis;
  •      consistently remains focused and on task;
  •      initiates and sustains discussion;
  •      evaluates and responds to peer points;
  •      consistently demonstrates leadership in collaborative activities.



92 - 85

The student:

  •      recognizes the class as a community of respect;
  •      usually arrives prepared for class;
  •      willingly participates on a regular basis; 
  •      remains focused and on-task on a regular basis; 
  •      contributes to discussion on a regular basis;
  •      listens to and responds to peer points;
  •      contributes to collaborative activities on a consistent basis.



84 - 70


The student:

  •      fails to recognize the class as a community of respect;
  •      frequently arrives unprepared for class;
  •      rarely participates, even when called upon;
  •      lacks focus and rarely remains on task;
  •      rarely engages in discussion;
  •      reacts to peer points rather than responds;
  •      rarely engages in collaborative activities.