Title of Course: US HISTORY I
Instructor: Ms. Worsham
Classroom: 417
After School Help Days: Tuesday

The SIX Grade Social Studies Curriculum is developed by the State of New Jersey's Department of Education. It's focus is to give students a basic foundation of knowledge concerning American History. A broad range of topics will be explored throughout the year providing the students with an understanding of concepts,command of skills , and a knowledge base upon which they may reflect , utilize, and build. The intergration of skill sets( including Math, ILA, and Science) are not only beneficial ,but critical if the student is to truly understand the Social Studies Curriculum and the world around him /her.


(New Jersey Department of Education) (National Website)



September/October : Revolutionary War Review/pre tests/forming our government

November : Constitution/Citizenship/The Jefferson Era

December : Regional Growth

January/February: Age of Jackson

March/April : North/South

May/June : Civil War /Reconstruction